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The need to quantify the flow of liquids has been recognized since the beginning of civilization. One of the earliest and most complete records of an attempt to measure water flow volume is that of Sextus Julius Frontinus, who was the Water Commissioner of Rome in 52 A.D. He attempted to determine the quantity of water delivered to each user in the Roman system by measuring the cross-sectional are of the spouts through which the water was discharged. Since Frontinus ignored the velocity of the flow, his efforts were not entirely successful. However, it presents an interesting record of an early flow measurement. 


Experience Counts

The techniques of flow measurement have advanced through the centuries. Our tradition of providing the most accurate flow monitoring is a result of our efforts to continuously being on the leading edge of new and innovative technologies. Our service and sales personnel have over 30 years of flow service experience. Long term employees are the most valuable asset to our company and our client’s successful flow monitoring program. 



GAI represents key manufacturers equipment such as Teledyne Isco, Siemens, Rosemount, MJK and Tracom Fiberglass Products. These manufactures not only offer today’s highest quality equipment, they offer a wide range of technologies allowing us to provide multiple platform support. From permanent flow monitoring, temporary flow monitoring, pump station monitoring, open channel flow & closed channel flow we can offer a solution to your flow monitoring needs. 

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